for racquet sports
and volleyball

Vi-Net is the first permanent net designed for racquet sports and Volleyball in an outdoor environment. Manufactured using steel standard st235 and conforming to EN10305-3y5, the net has been designed to prevent vandalism, be hardwearing and require very little maintenance. It is ideal for use in public spaces for the practice of various sports including badminton and volleyball.

Diseño innovador

Innovative design

VVi-Net enjoys a pioneering and minimalist design that allows a great versatility for installation in different spaces.



In addition to the materials used, the Vi-Net is welded to a fastening plate, reducing the risk of theft or damage.



Vi-Net is manufactured with steel standard st235 conforming to EN10305-3y5, a high quality material guaranteeing the maximum durability. It provides high resistance to the effects of the weather and requires very little maintenance.



Thanks to its compact and fixed design, the net is a permanent installation allowing an important saving in time and labour for mounting and maintenance.

Alta visibilidad

High Visibility

The mesh of the Vi-Net, made from steel, balances excellent visibility with the necessary strength for a permanent net.



Vi-Net is an economic product compared to conventional solutions, especially in the long-term allowing savings on replacement and maintenance.

Dimensiones Vi-net


  • Dimensions: 6,10m wide. Height 1,55m (adaptable to other heights).
  • Depth of the net: 0,75m.
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Materials: steel standard st235 and conforming to EN10305-3y5.
  • Paint: oven-baked epoxy.

Practical solutionfor outdoor sports

Vi-Net is fruit of a collaborative project between VIZIUS and the Badminton World Federation (BWF) who were looking for ways to increase accessibility to badminton by facilitating the practice of the game outdoors throughout the world. With this objective in mind, we started to create ideas to support this aim.

We quickly identified a need for a new type of net for outdoor racquet sports in public spaces such as parks, gardens and schools. Taking into account vandalism, deterioration due to the weather and the effort needed to install and remove nets for each session we developed an alternative based on an innovative concept of a permanent net: the Vi-Net.

Watch video

Do you want to see how our net works? Click play and know our value proposition.

Deportes de raqueta

PLAY badminton, volleyball or any racquet sport

Vi-Net can be installed in diverse situations and on any surface. It is also ideal as a solution for underutilized spaces. You only need 150 square metres to have a court equipped with a Vi-Net. Our product has been designed for:

> Schools

> Parks, gardens and other public spaces

> Sports Centers

> Under-utilized spaces


Net used for
physical education
and extra-curricular classes

The Vi-Net is in full use and receiving excellent feedback. It is being used for Physical Education classes as well as extra-curricular activities. It is being used for outdoor sports such as badminton and volleyball.

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