The fruit of our work


Vi-Net is the first fixed sports network designed for the practice of racquet sports and outdoor volleyball. Manufactured with st235 quality steel according to EN10305-3y5, this permanent network is vandal-proof, durable and easy to maintain. It is perfect for use in public spaces and allows the practice of several sports among which stand out badminton and volleyball.

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An autonomous installation dedicated to the practice of badminton.

10m wide X 18m long with a height of 9m.

Playing surface options include sand and conventional.

Permits all-weather training and competition.

Steel structure clad with laminated safety glass to 3.2m and polycarbonate panels to 8m.


A new concept of beach volleyball allowing the use of the walls for rebounds giving more continuity to the game.

Court dimensions: 14m long X 8m wide. Height 5.2m.

Playing surface of sand specific for sport.


An installation with a playing surface of sand, easily adapted to any sport: Beach volleyball, beach tennis, football, rugby, handball, footvolley and badminton.

Court dimensions: 40m long X 30m wide.

Structure of high quality steel and safety glass. Resistant and durable.

Playing surface of sand specific for sport.